O Canada

I’m not really sure what upsets me more. The fact that Ralph Nader announced his candidacy for president or that there are millions of idiots who are going to be stupid enough to vote for him. Granted, Jeb Bush’s mistress did assist George in  the 2000 election; but were it not for Ralph Nader, it wouldn’t have mattered how many old, Jewish people “voted” for Pat Buchanan.

Imagine how different the world would be if Al Gore had been president. September 11 may never have happened. Our kids would be going to college instead of going to die in Iraq. Americans could travel the world without being sneered at. And most importantly our president wouldn’t have been the butt of every stupid joke told in the last eight years.

I suppose it is partially the public’s fault. After-all, a significant portion of the population did want George W for president in spite of the fact that he thought the Taliban was a rock group before they so lethally reminded us that they are a bunch of crazy fundamentalists.

So now, when we as a nation have an opportunity to elect a respectable man/woman for president, here comes Ralph. I often wonder if he is a consumer advocate or a mole who’s ultimate goal is to keep republicans in office indefinitely.

 If Mr. Nader’s candidacy results in John McCain (someone who supports the war that is destroying our country and killing our kids, and someone who was quoted as saying that he doesn’t know much about economics in the midst of a recession) i’m carrying my ass to Canada. I would much rather brave the cold than face another four years of collective stupidity.


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