Negro? Please! (Part II)

So I’ve been rather irate about the whole “Black, African American, Negro” thing for a couple weeks now and I think I finally found an appropriate solution. First, let me make it clear that I attempted to take a more mature avenue…

Brain Leher, who hosts a show on NPR, had Hillary Clinton on as a guest to discuss the bailout. He asked listeners to call in and describe ways in which the credit crunch was personally affecting them. I called and made up some phony scenario about my credit limits being cut and begged Mr. Leher to ask Senator Clinton why black people are still classified as negroes on the census. Sufficed to say, my question never got answered by Mrs. Clinton.

Since my Senator is too busy bailing out Wall Street to care and Representative Rangel was too busy worrying about paying his back taxes to notice that his constituents were being called negroes, I’ve come up with my own form of protest…

I’m going to fill out my census and turn it in negro time!    !!




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