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For the first time in my life I witnessed the day when “The View” scooped “The Today Show” and every single major newspaper in the United States. Barbara Walters, bless her heart, was the only reporter on a major network news station who even mentioned a recent program in which Vice President (and considering the disgrace our current VP has brought upon the office, it pains me to put those letters in Caps) Dick Cheney was interviewed on the anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. As he went on his usual diatribe about how he believes we are winning the war; making any sane American wonder if the man is suffering from some sort of senility, the woman interviewing him asked him how he could possibly feel that way when 2/3 of the American people think that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake.  His response, ladies and gentlemen, was, “So.”

Uh, so? We invaded another country under false pretenses and assassinated (yes I said it) it’s president. Countless brave, promising, young American men and women have given their lives and their limbs to a lie. There have been hundreds of thousands of Iraqi casualties, most of them innocent citizens. We have created a virtual hornets nest of Al-Qaeda cells where once, none existed; and have permanently destroyed America’s image in the eyes of the world and probably god. Our economy is in the toilet, we have plummeted into a national debt that our great grandchildren will still be paying off, every New Yorker has to board a subway, cross a bridge, or strap into an airplane with a sense of trepidation, and this pompous, evil animal has the audacity to say, “So.”

 Instead of reporting this story yesterday, the Rupurt Murdoch political machine printed countless stories about David Patterson’s multiple affairs. Since his infidelity isn’t killing people and lying to his wife isn’t an impeachable offense…So!